Hurricane Harvey tore a path through South East Texas and Louisiana, damaging countless homes and disrupting the lives of thousands of people. As the church of Jesus Christ we have a call to show compassion to all. We believe that God is able to work all things for a good and His glory, but the time to act is now! 

Would you please consider joining Hillcrest as we set out to show compassion and love by serving our neighbors?


8 Days of Hope's  rapid response team is in Houston, Texas helping Hurricane Harvey survivors! Eight Days of Hope will accept volunteers starting Monday, September 4th through Sunday, October 15th! They will "muck" out homes, remove furnishings, clean up debris and help as many families as possible - in any way possible. 

They will provide the food and lodging for all volunteers. You must be 18.  For more information feel free to call 662.255.7565 or email us at Please pray for these volunteers as they do chainsaw work, tarp roofs, clear debris and other duties needed in this community. 

Their hope is simple. As we help these families, they see Jesus in us!

Although we are partnering with other groups, serving alongside 8 Days of Hope will be Hillcrest's primary focus. We plan on setting up several organized trips to go and serve. 


8 Days of Hope Trip Dates

Our church is currently planning four different opportunities to join 8 Days of Hope.

If you are interested in joining Hillcrest as we go serve the Houston area, or if you would like more information on the trip, please contact MJ Glunk (757) 232-6246

  • Trip 1

    September 7-9

    Led by MJ Glunk & Richard Seim

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  • Trip 2

    September 14-17

    Led by MJ Glunk

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  • Trip 3

    September 29-31

    Led by Richard Seim

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  • Trip 4

    October 6-8

    Led by MJ Glunk

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The motivation behind the Disaster Relief Ministry of Texas Baptist Men can be summed up in a single phrase: "a cup of cold water in Jesus' name." Each year, TBM trains volunteers and coordinates efforts to provide prompt assistance and emergency support during times of disaster. TBM has been involved in disaster relief in Texas and around the world since 1967. The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is one of the largest responders to disasters in the United States.


Send Relief and Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR) teams began responding before Hurricane Harvey made landfall, deploying hundreds of crisis buckets and sending other supplies that would be needed in the immediate aftermath of the storm. Now we have been asked to assist in the care of up to 60,000 displaced Texans in addition to preparing thousands of hot meals and performing mud-out, chainsaw and cleaning services to restore survivors’ homes.


BCS Helps is a website that has compiles all of the relief efforts of the churches and ministries in the BCS Area and ways to get involved.

Together, we are all greater than the sum of our parts so we’ve created this forum – a unifying website for local churches and Christian ministries to share information, updates and opportunities to help and donate to your fellow neighbors in need.