Hillcrest Worship

Our Sunday Morning worship begins at 10:30 in the Sanctuary.  During this service we sing a strong variety of songs that are a little more contemporary, but we still add hymns ever so often. The dress is closer to dress casual.  Some will wear jeans and a t-shirt and others will wear slacks and a nice sport coat.  We are not a church that is concerned with how well you are dressed. Each Sunday Morning we also present the truth of God anchored in the Word of God.  If you choose to seek more prayer or need an opportunity to talk to someone more we have people who are ready and willing immediately after the service to spend as much time with you as you need. 

Come join us for a beautiful and fantastic time of worship.

On Sunday night we offer a couple different group options:

CONVERSATIONS - Is a group that meets in our Student Worship Building on Sunday Night at 6.  The goal and purpose of this group meeting is to have conversations about some of the events and subjects that challenge us the most.  We begin with someone sharing their favorite verse and why and then introduce our main topic for that night. We look at the topic from the viewpoint of experience and gained knowledge, to social implications, but we always end in the Word of God. It is a great time that challenges us to see all of these issues from God's point of view.  It is an energetic group of people who love new faces.  As each week is independent, you are welcome to attend at any time.

Small Group Bible Study: This is a more traditional small group setting.  This group meets in the Fellowship Hall at 6 pm on Sunday Nights.  They will focus on a specific bible study and workbook, working through a 6-8 week study.  It is full of lively discussion and fantastic group of people who are welcoming to everyone who attends.  While it is more beneficial to start the study from the beginning, you are always welcome to sit in on a class.

We look forward to getting to know you.