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The mission of Hillcrest Studentz  is to help guide the next generation of Jesus' followers in a world that is constantly changing.  We teach our students that they are deeply loved by God, and challenge them to live a Spirit-empowered lifestyle and show the world what it means to know Jesus Christ.  Now is more important than ever to listen to the Holy Spirit and carry out God's will as His ambassadors through prayer, love, and by serving those around us.

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We are traveling to Marshall, Texas on June 18-22 for Mission 58 Camp.  Mission 58 is a mission oriented camp setting where we will partner with local ministries in and around Marshall, Texas to work with people in need.  Each night we will come together for an exciting night of worship to celebrate the victories of each day's ministries.  The cost for the camp is $275 per student.

You can click this link for the registration form:


MIssion 58 Camp

Check out the video fro Mission 58 Camp