Hillcrest Baptist Church exists to...

live, love and lead others to Jesus Christ!


We believe that we are called to live for God.  When we say that we live for God, it is our desire to discipline our lives in a manner that is the best reflection of God.  We believe we are called to be the witness of Christ in our community and our world.  We are just human, and because we are human, we are fallible.  But, we believe that we have been called to live our lives in a way that brings glory and honor to Christ.


We believe that one of the best ways to show that we are living for God is that we love like God.  Yes, we love God, but we also love people because that is what God taught us.  We believe that loving like God means that we are required to take that love outside the walls of Hillcrest.  We love being in the community with God's people, whether we are providing meals in the park, hosting special events at our church, or working in and with various local mission agencies in the Brazos Valley.  We love without boundaries or restrictions, because that is how God found us.


Finally, we believe that our greatest call as believers is to share the message of the Gospel.  We believe Romans 2:4 that teaches us that people choose God because they come into contact with the love of God.  We want to build relationships with people and then lead them to what we believe is a better answer than what this world offers.  We have not been made perfect because of our choice to follow Jesus, but we have been given a peace and a joy that can only be known when you have a relationship with your Heavenly Father.