Grace and Guts

with Shannon Perry

Despite age, culture, religion, or season of life, we are often hurled into the boxing ring of life. Sometimes the sucker punches thrown our way can keep us down for the count.

The good news? We have a knockout strategy that wins every time—the power of God’s Word.

October 7th - 8th

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Experience family

An essential part of putting down new roots in a community is looking for opportunities to be connected with that community.  At Hillcrest Baptist Church, our community is like a family - lots of different types of people coming together for the shared purpose of worshiping God and encouraging each other.  This Sunday, why don't you bring your family to meet our family?

Weekly Schedule

Below is a weekly schedule of events that are consistent on our calendar from month-to-month.  For a more detailed calendar of all our activities, check the ministry pages for each ministry.

  • Sunday Morning

    8:45 AM  •  Prayer Time - Fellowship Hall and Zoom


    Zoom Link     Meeting ID: 849 6063 0429    Passcode: 321977

    9:45 AM  •  Sunday School -

    Preschool - Nursery/Preschool Ctr.

    Children/Student - Student Bldg.

    Adult - Fellowship Hall and Zoom

    Zoom Link     Meeting ID: 849 6063 0429    Passcode: 321977

    11:00 AM  •  Worship Service - Sanctuary

    Hillcrest YouTube Channel Link

  • Sunday Evening

    5:00 PM  •  Adult Small Group - Fellowship Hall and Zoom

    Zoom Link     Meeting ID: 861 5916 7010     Passcode: 707574

  • Wednesday Night

    5:00 PM  •  Home-Cooked Meal - Fellowship Hall

    ($5/Plate, $3/Plate for <10 years old)

    6:00 PM  •  Bible Study 

    Mission Friends (Preschool) - Nursery/Preschool Ctr.

    TeamKids  (1st-6th Grade) - Student Bldg.

    Students (7th-12th Grade) - Student Bldg.

    Adult - Fellowship Hall and Zoom

    Zoom Link  Meeting ID: 837 0301 4521     Password: 878926

    7:30 PM  •  Praise Team Rehearsal